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Answer simple questions to assess your personality. It will take not more than 20 minutes. You will get a detailed report of your personality type, your quadrant wise scores, your joyous roles in your organisation and your complementing quadrant.

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What is JoyQ?

JoyQ is the outcome of a question - Why Small Businesses remain small for long?

With more than a decade of learning from working closely with over 100 small businesses, we found Six Key Reasons for stagnation.

An entrepreneur's ignorance about his natural interests is the second of those six reasons.

Once you get to know your thinking patterns and see how these patterns affect your decision making, you become elevated. When you realise such patterns in your teammates, you could lead them better. And you become an alchemist.

It is one of the transforming ideas similar to that of the theories of gravity. Once you know its existence, your paradigm changes entirely and permanently.

Entrepreneur's Personality

Though there are various personality assessment sites available today, JoyQ is the exclusive site for entrepreneurs to assess their personality. Many personality tests leave the entrepreneurs mystified with what to do with the results. Also, many assessments overwhelm participants with numerous classifications and nomenclatures.

With more than a decade of close association and research, JoyQ classifies the Entrepreneurs Personality into only Four Types.

The Conqueror, The Achiever, The Kingmaker and The Ruler. Interestingly, these four personalities match with the characteristics of big cats viz., Lion, Jaguar, Lioness and Tiger, respectively.

Why JoyQ?

Become Happy Entrepreneur

After finding your Joyous Quadrant, with the help of our quadrant-role matrix, you may choose a suitable and joyous role in your organisation.

When you operate from your natural quadrant, you tap into the indigenous wisdom and play within your strength.

JoyQ provides you with a quick and reliable online assessment of your Joyous Quadrant.

The evaluation may take up to 20 minutes. At the end of the assessment, you will get a JoyQ Map with your scores and recommended choices of suitable roles.

Multiply Your Strength with a Complementing Manager

Build-ups are always better than patch-ups. Hence, instead of focussing and working on your weakness, identify a Complementing Manager. A Complementing Manager is someone who has his strength in your weak areas.

With his support, your organisation becomes balanced.

Build a Joyous Organisation

When you deploy the concept of JoyQ across your organisation, it becomes a vibrant and high-energy organisation. Once you reorganise your team, your employees will work on their own joyously, without expecting your orders and reviews.

A Joyous Organisation nourishes itself, copes with competitions, delivers the highest value to the customers, and increases its profitability while ensuring its continuity - all by itself.