One Small Question

Since my school days, I have been closely observing some industrial cities of Tamilnadu. Working in such towns was the dream of every college student in the early 90s. We all believed that those cities would continue to grow, flourish and contribute to transforming India into a Global Superpower.
During 2009-10, I visited some small businesses in Coimbatore for a Lean Transformation project. Many companies have been in the industry for more than 20 years, and some were second-generation companies.
A question struck me while I was working on the project. Within a few days, the question became my persistent thought. It transformed my professional life from the day I perceived it. The question had become the focal point of all my professional learning, writings and seminars. My day never got over without thinking about it once.
I closely monitored these companies for the next few years but could not understand why these small businesses remain small for years?

This question continued to grow and kept growing until I decided to pursue it as my professional mission.

Why small businesses remain small for long?

My research continued for years to find an answer to the question. This research gave me more insights into the problem and revealed its root causes. I found that the six reasons given below are the most important causes.

An entrepreneur -

  1. Is not giving shape to his dreams,
  2. Is ignorant of his natural interests,
  3. Lacks time and workforce to strive towards his goals,
  4. Is unaware of the six natural stages of business growth
  5. Lacks financial discipline and planning, and 
  6. Searches for better answers instead of better questions.

Are you a Joyous Entrepreneur?

The battle of an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur starts his journey of finding his life’s highest purpose. He conquers few battles and remains joyous during the initial days. But he gets stuck in the midway due to a lack of resources.

Before the entrepreneur realises, the joy of entrepreneurship had long gone, and he sees himself in the same battle - the battle of mediocrity - again. His innate fighting spirit keeps him striving towards new heights. But every day, he goes into the night with the burden of unfinished tasks.

He finds himself helpless in the middle of the battleground though his commanders surround him. He wants to mould them into his vision but finds them rigid and unyielding. Wisely, he stops fighting with them and accepts them as they are. Today, he is fighting with the additional burden of protecting them.

Still, he dreams of his joyous days.